March 24, 2018

Planning Process

In the past, you would have needed a variety of professionals to help you accomplish your goals. For investments, you engaged a stockbroker. For estate planning, you hired an attorney. If you wanted to review your risks and insurance coverage, you saw an insurance agent. If you were planning for retirement, a financial planner or CPA was your choice. Unfortunately, these various professionals may have never spoken with each other to coordinate their efforts.

In contrast, Steve acts as your financial coach in coordinating the efforts of the necessary “team” of professionals. Steve provides access to services that include investment management, estate planning, retirement planning and risk analysis through his affiliation with LPL Financial. He is also able to help you implement your decisions in most of these areas through his licensing as an investment advisor representative, stockbroker and insurance agent with LPL Financial.

Steve advocates this planning process for his clients and he works hard at educating you on the planning area. With this information you are able to make a more informed and appropriate decision regarding your financial future.

Once you have made your financial planning decisions, Steve helps you implement them by offering access to the appropriate products and services to pursue your stated goals. If you already have an established relationship with other professionals, he respects that and helps you make them part of the implementation process, and part of the planning “team.”

Financial planning is not an event, but a process. Like all processes, it is ongoing. Once your planning decisions have been implemented, Steve will continue to monitor your progress and help you make the necessary adjustment for life changes.

Financial Confidence Process – Steven St. Pierre has developed a process that helps his clients better understand their financial situation and goals in working towards financial independence.

Financial Confidence Factors – Steven St. Pierre considers many factors when encouraging financial confidence, helping his clients work towards financial independence.