March 24, 2018

Investment Management

Steven F. St. Pierre can work with you to sort through the confusion that is so often associated with investment planning.  He will work with you to choose the investments that are right for you while keeping you informed of your progress.

Evaluate Risk Tolerance: Many factors play into how much risk you can afford to have in your investment portfolio. Steve will work with you to find the most appropriate investments for you based on age, income, and financial condition.

Determine Time Horizon: Determining when a specific pool of money will be used is important when trying to determine the appropriate investment mix. He can look at your future goals and help you decide the most appropriate investments for your time frame.

Determine Appropriate Asset Allocation: The purpose of Asset Allocation is to diversify your investments: this will help you choose the right mix of investments to match your risk tolerance and time horizon.

Select Necessary Investment Vehicles: There are a great variety of ways to invest your money.  Steve will analyze your profile to help find the perfect combination of Investment Vehicles, whether that is mutual funds, exchange traded funds, stocks, bonds, real estate investment trusts, MLPs, alternative investments, or a combination.

Implement Investment Strategies: Simply creating an investment plan isn’t enough. Steve can help you take the next step by implementing your chosen investment strategies that address your objectives.

Provide Ongoing Reporting: Steve understands your need to know how your investments are performing. He provides regular reports that keep you up to date with your investments.

Compare Results To Markets: Investment reports tend to be complex and can sometimes be difficult to grasp. He will explain your investment results to comparable markets in order to help you appreciate your results.

Perform Due Diligence On Managers/Funds: Due Diligence refers to the care a person should take before entering into an agreement. Steve will make sure that your investments are in the best possible care.

Make Strategic/Tactical Changes To Portfolios: The financial world is constantly changing.  Steve pays close attention to the markets and may suggest changes in your investment plan that would improve your return and/or reduce your risk.

Investing involves risk including the potential loss of capital. No product or strategy, such as asset allocation and diversification, can assure success or protect against loss.