March 24, 2018

Legacy & Estate Planning

Steven F. St. Pierre can help you create a lasting legacy through personalized estate planning.  He will help you write a plan that passes down your values along with your valuables by focusing on your wishes.

Discuss Legacy & Estate Planning Goals:
Everyone has a individual understanding of the legacy they want to leave behind.  As your estate planner, Steve will work to understand your goals and design a plan that suits your needs.

Review Current Structure, Documents and Asset Ownership:
Estate Plans have many elements. From the design of the plan, to the drafting of the documents, to the alignment of asset ownerships, Steve sits with you and a qualified estate planning attorney to make sure it’s done right.

Introduce Appropriate Estate Planning Attorney:
Steve understands that your needs might be different from those around you.  He can find the Estate Planning Attorney whose skills and expertise matches your needs.

Review Alternatives and Benefits:
There are no cookie cutter solutions when it comes to Estate & Legacy planning. He will review your alternatives and help you choose the options that are right for you.

Implement New Strategies:
Like the weather and the seasons, things often change. Whether it is a new tax law, planning ideas, or techniques, your plan may need to be updated. If a favorable alternative appears, he can modify your existing plan to keep you on track.

Monitor For Life and Law Changes:
Steve closely monitors the developments in state and national laws. If a change affects you, he will alert you and work with you to make the necessary changes. Alternatively, if something in your life changes, he will modify the plan accordingly.

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