March 24, 2018

Pension Plans

Steven F. St. Pierre understands that Pension Plans can be a source of income after retirement. More importantly, he understands the confusion that often surrounds this type of investment.  He will work with you to evaluate your pension plan and find the most suitable design to address your needs.

Evaluate Current Plan Design:
If you have a plan in place, Steve can assess your plan and make sure that it helps you address your future needs.

Evaluate Current Investment Performance & Expenses:
Retirement Plans can be made up of many components. He will evaluate your investment profile and help you decide if a pension plan is right for you.

Determine If Owner Getting Maximum Benefit:
Steve wants you to get the most out of your pension plan.  He can help you choose the right plan or even combine plans to create the best possible outcome for you.

Modify Plan Document As Necessary:
The financial world is ever-changing. He will follow these changes and re-evaluate your plan as needed to make sure that your plan still provides the maximum benefit.

Change Investment Selection and/or Providers:
Different investment selections and investment providers offer solutions to different issues. He can help address your needs with the appropriate set of solutions.

Provide Annual Education To Participants:
Steve will ensure that you understand your pension plan through every step,with annual updates on the progress of your investment.

Assist Plan Trustees With Compliance Requirements:
In order to receive the full benefit from your pension plan, you must meet a series of federal guidelines.  He understands how to make your plan help meet or exceed all of the necessary requirements.

Provide Support to Plan Participants:
Steve will help guide your employees through making their investment choices. He will be there to answer any questions that may arise.

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