March 24, 2018

Tax Planning & Structuring

Taxes can be tough.  Steven F. St. Pierre wants to use his deep understanding of tax law to make tax planning and the structuring of transactions simpler for you. He can help you maximize your after-tax returns.

Evaluate Current Tax Situation:
As an experienced advisor, Steve will examine your tax situation and uncover any missed benefits or hidden liabilities.

Maximize Tax Deferral Techniques:
He will work with you to identify your currently deferred funds and employ new techniques to assist you in addressing your tax planning and preparation needs.

Structure Investments Within Taxable & Tax-deferred Accounts:
Choosing the balance between your accounts can be one of your most important financial decisions.  Steve will provide you with the advice and support you need.

Proper Structuring of Future Tax Transactions:
Steve can create a structured plan that will potentially reduce the tax bite on future tax transactions.

Proactive Tax Strategies:
Tax law is ever changing. He can keep you ahead of the curve by understanding these changes and how to minimize any negative effect they might have on you.

Annual Planning:
Steve annually prepares tax projections, so you can proactively reduce your tax burden and accurately monitor your obligations.